"D/B gives us access to the full potential of the creative process."

It’s an interactive process that involves conceiving and executing and experimenting.  You think of something, you try it, it didn’t work, and you try a different way.  It’s the way that art works.  It’s the way good design works. 

The goal of the film is to reinforce the notion that good design is a critical component of any human endeavor, and that more specifically the integration of the “making” component into the design process is the most straightforward path toward achieving it.


I grew up in Warren, VT as the daughter of a design/ build architect.  I have spent the better part of my life explaining Design/ Build and the community I grew up in, and for years I thought about making a documentary about the history of Design/ Build in Vermont.  As a product of my up bringing, I have always lived by the mantra “just do it”, so here we are. There is something truly amazing here, and it’s a story I am confident needs to be told.

The Mad River community has a willingness to experiment and be free thinking towards problem solving and design -- be it architecture, business development, product design, community, education – and it’s an approach to life people need to be reminded of.