Three weeks ago I was invited to travel to Iceland with Cam McLeod and Kaytlin Hughes in search of couloir skiing and raw adventure.  As most people think of skiing in Iceland as an expensive trip accessed from sailboat, we decided to rent a camper and drive to the West Fjords in search of adventure guided solely by ourselves.  Over the span of 2 weeks we planned the trip and before we knew it we were sitting in the Keflavic International Airport waiting for Marion to pick us up and unite us with our camper, home for the next two weeks.  

For those unfamiliar with Iceland, the island is about the size of Ohio.  The population of the country is 330,000, making it just over half the population of Wyoming, the least populated state in the US.  Because of it's shape and geology, one cannot travel as the crow flies very easily.  There is only one road leading to the West Fjords, and high winds and extreme winter weather makes the drive treacherous even in late April.  Though the mountains are a bit bigger and more commonly visited in the North Fjords near the city of Akureyri, we heard the West Fjords offered some incredible skiing in a more remote and less visited area.  Ísafjörður is one of the bigger towns in the West Fjords, and it is here that we are basing our trip from.

We decided to travel with a camper because it gave us the flexibility to move around and explore places we are interested in going to.  With people primarily exploring the fjords from boat, we are interested in exploring the endless skiing opportunities just off the road in towns like Thinggeyri and Flateyri.  Many may I add, are first descents.

Driving to  Ísafjörður.

Driving to Ísafjörður.


Keep posted for part 2, the freedom.