Well... Here I am, finally posting on my blog after sitting motionless for more than 6 months.  I have countless drafts, but never felt I had enough content... well reading the drafts now makes me realize I truly am my biggest critic.

I will ease into this thing again, and start with a list.  

Not in order of importance.

1.) "Pretty Faces" nomination for film of the year at the Powder Awards

2.) Hakuba, Japan... seriously mind blowingly incredible

3.) Many Many thanks for helping me achieve my goals; Skilogik, Mountain Hardwear, Intuition Liners, CAST touring, LARAbar, Giro!

4.) the Aplocolypse

5.) The Winds, 6 days of it

6.) realizing skiing is quality over quantity, and all about the friends you share those days with

7.) Coaching the JHSC freeride team (short but sweet)

8.) Bonking on Teewinot Mountain

9.) Sticking to my gut, following my heart, and being confident in my wonderful self, oh and doing backflips finally!

10.) Last tram on closing day! Topless lady shred down the bowl!